Mind Scale, Doors Open, Grohmann Museum

Advancing greatly in the 21st Century, Milwaukee School of Engineering has the monuments to prove it. Prominent businessman and regent Dr. Eckhart Grohmann, once headed Milwaukee based Aluminum Casting and Engineering Company and Central Control Arm before selling them. An ode to industry, Dr. Grohmann readily shares his passion for the machinery of civil progress through his collection of art gathered from the around the world.

The Gallery

Many of the works displayed throughout the four levels and rooftop sculpture garden capture early German and East European folk traditions dating back as far as the late 17th century. Many of the works depict “man” crudely developing expertise in an number of fields such as engineering, manufacturing, and medicine.

The Garden

The Grohmann Museum’s rooftop sculpture garden transforms six-inch high figurines into colossal bronze statues exerting perpetual effort on fundamental tasks of early industry. Dr. Grohmann’s office sits in a turret atop the Grohmann Museum overlooking the sculpture garden. Peering in Dr. Grohmann’s office at the right angle, one can see the original works that inspired the sculpted forms and also very intense stain glass window panes with murals of early civilizations toiling.

Several stops on Doors Open Milwaukee highlighted the growing MSOE campus. The institution’s latest academic development brings a Master’s Degree Civil Engineering program to the timetable.

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