The Rotunda Within, Central Library

Little do most people know that the Rotunda seen from the exterior of the Central Library, only protects the Rotunda seen from inside the Central Library main foyer (remember the building’s original blueprints were destroyed). Not entirely enthusiastic about changing the inner rotunda light bulbs during the winter months, in the 1920’s a few employees punched a hole in the 3rd floor ceiling to find out if they could access the inner rotunda from the inside of the building.

Discovering a clear path to the inner rotunda after probing, the library workers fashioned a makeshift opening to the inner rotunda by bashing a wingspans’ width crater in the ceiling and sealing it with a crude plaster held together by cattle hair. A steep winding iron staircase allows for entry to the hidden level, for easier access to the inner rotunda.

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Pt 1 A Gem, Doors Open, The Central Library,
Pt 2 The Old Board Room,
Pt 3 The Rotunda Within
Pt 4 The Green Roof,
Pt 5 The Old Museum Director’s Office,

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