Real Raw, Cooking Raw, Caroline Carter

Two women focus on a food processor, a friend in the field healthy eating. Ready for their next culinary television how-to episode, ingredients get sliced and chopped. They are making raw meatloaf. Sounds disgusting right? It gets better, the meatloaf they make contains no meat.

As grills cool during the summer’s end, meats, buns, cheese and the slightly possible pickled veggies that have hit dinner plates all the summer take a breather. Autumn kitchens warm up for the holidays, getting ready for the year’s best eating that has yet come. Not many deny how good the traditional meat and potatoes diet tastes going down, but a movement gaining popularity aims to challenge our outlook of food, from ingredients to preparation, and how what we digest affects our well-being.

Here in Milwaukee, Caroline Carter has gravitated towards the benefits that healthy food choices can provide the body, and seeks to teach how to make those benefits go even further by preparing her food raw. On the food pyramid, the items she chooses are exclusively flora, supplemented by vitamins and minerals that increase the potency of her meal’s salubriousness.

Carter and her daughter Shenita Ray can show you how to enjoy alternatives to traditional cooking, for any meal of the day. They shop locally and feature segments on sustainable food producers in the area and local grocers including Outpost.

Karyn Calabrese receives much credit for helping to trailblaze the raw food movement and inspire those like Carter spread the raw food gospel. Calabrese is the proprietor of two restaurants in Chicago, IL one, Karyn’s Raw has an exclusively raw and vegan food menu.

via MPTV1036 on YouTube

Caroline Carter’s cooking show Cooking Raw airs Fridays at 6p and Sundays at 12:30p on MPTV Channel 36, and Saturdays at 12:30p on MPTV Channel 10. She also has a line of healthy wheat and gluten-free flax seed crackers and granola, called Caroline’s Homemade, that you might find at some of your favorite local healthy living spots including Beans and Barely, Good Harvest Co-op, Riverwest Co-op and a few others.

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