Suede Glove Slapping, Hotel Foster, One Self, Klassik

Over nerve-tingling live instrumentation, One Self in truly pro-fashion kicked out a jam, proclaiming the ability to feel something unexplainable and unseeable in the troposphere. A vet to the live performance circuit, One Self graciously set the tone for a Monday eve show, showing hip-hop has a few lives left before it hits nine. At the Hotel Foster, previously notorious for mustaches, ugly eye glasses, inadvertently styled hair, and generally worn-in feelings, the falling leaves outside did’t matter, the one’s budding inside did.

All Around the Beach Ball

Live music holds a special place in the legacy of Hotel Foster‘s space, and its nice to see the old glory of performances past continuing on its unearthed stage that was buried for so long. Milwaukee’s own Klassik added a musical thread to the memorable one’s spun by troubadours of countless genres that have come before. Klassik dropped an online album in late September called In the Making, bringing with him the talent heavy vocalist Toni Martin and the prodigious Kevin Hayden Trio to animate the album’s songs when played live (each accompaniment could just as well had their own solo performances lined-up).

Enough, Just Up Start

Klassik is uncanny spawn of post scene-ster hip-hop and local conscience flavor, an old soul expressing musical freedom from solitarily confined 808 drum kits and samples, nursing on the essence home-brewed spoken-word and R&B underground usually found only west of Holton Avenue. Striking the most resounding chord, Klassik makes it all his own, with heaping aesthetic appeal and a lot of heart; a consummate artist to the pleasure of your ears.

One Self and Klassik soothed the pain of starting another work week with a highly respectable showing, definitely deserving of a weekend night. You probably won’t see Klassik for a little while locally, he’ll be pond jumping for a well-deserved mini-tour in Europe. Only one place for this kid to go and it’s not down.

Find Klassik‘s latest album In the Making on Band Camp, where back catalogs also await for your enjoyment.

That One Place, What Do We Know, One Self
Klassik and the Power of Positive Thinking by Evan Rytlewski, ExpressMilwaukee

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