Transient Season, The Traveling Suitcase


She’s crushing the drums relentlessly, not smashed in the back behind the amps, but on the front line. Accompanied by a guitar or two (Pat Boyce and Bill Grasley), bass (Brandon Domer), and sometime keys (Domer), Nichole Rae concusses the tension out of her drum heads while vocally exhuming all manners of their collective innards, thusly The Traveling Suitcase. For the Eastside Music Tour they made their 5:00p slot feel like headliner, that’s a pretty good sign of gnarl even if day drinking is involved. Something cool from Madison for a change.

The Traveling Suitcase, Carry Out Show via Brandon Domer on YouTube

Give them shades from other bands of now, or the future, and their eyes will blaze through those tinted lenses and burn your face off. The Traveling Suitcase rallies harmonic, desperate, and mercurial spirits. Spreading themselves as thin as artistically possible, they’re getting around the Midwest for live shows, keeping their edges tattered.

Slated to return to Milwaukee for Raw Artist Showcase in May, it wouldn’t surprise if The Traveling Suitcase finds time to squeeze in a couple of shows around here in the meantime.

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  1. This video u posted was from their very early days. Lots of changes since then. Many others on youtube. My particular faves are “Ballad of a Voodoo Chicken” live from the New Moon in Oshkosh, and the Oshkosh Mural Carry out Show. Check em out. Also, the band hails from Oshkosh. But Madison does love our Suitcase!

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