Live and Direct, New Sound Underground, D’Amato


Under a dense canopy stacked with overgrowth, “Urban” music grew unabashed through the early part of the millennium, then people really stopped caring about the tangled vines of braggadocio and opulence. A few exquisite varieties of hardy musical perennials fought back in the mainstream and eventually were choked out by the seething onslaught of invasive common brand creepers. Interest all but dried up, a brush fire left ashes at the base of popular R&B/Soul/Hip Hop.

Urban Sound Ag

Conservationist of the sound they love, many urban music artists like Milwaukee’s D’Amato turn inward, finding inspiration in their immediate surroundings. With a focus on live performance, D’Amato’s aspirations don’t outwardly reflect Billboard chart positions, he shows a grow local approach.

He’ll be performing his Neo-soul/R&B inspired sound at the Up and Under this Saturday. He has flavor, not quite reaching Robin Thicke level, however more importantly D’Amato has a fun factor that comes across in his recorded tracks. A live audience always thrives on that vibe.

D’Amato will also fuse emceeing into his set, to preview his upcoming album release “Counterfeit Paradise” set to hit this fall. Delivering a blend of quip word play and vocal harmony, the kid displays a hybrid variety of contemporary R&B music, expressive and earnest yet sharp and to the point. His track BPA free, produced by DJ Moses of Higher Education Records (H.E.R.), makes it plenty clear his feet have been on the pavement at least as much as the carpet.

Keepers of the Funk

Minneapolis’s New Sound Underground will headline the show, a funky electric jazz sextet tailor made for jamming live. New Sound Underground features keyboard, bass, and percussion, and a rotation of brass instruments including trombone, trumpet and tenor sax. Winding their way down the jazz road, the influences heard in their songs swing past some classic jam rock landmarks, drawing on some of the greats you would think of when jamming comes to mind. Nothing close to a cover band however, New Sound Underground transforms styles and tempo fluidly within their songs to a masterful degree.

“Phantoms”, New Sound Underground via SecondStoryGarage on Youtube

New Sound Underground will have bodies moving with D’Amato and local dub stepper Horseforce Saturday August 10, 2013 9p at the Up and Under Pub.

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