‘Tis Gift Season, Local Fashion, Roots Underground Outfitters

Holding down Washington Heights, urban fashion gets a boost from Roots Underground Outfitters. Located on 54th and Vliet, Roots carries a carefully selected stable of gear must haves such a jeans, hats, tees, bags, and nap sacks in independent brands like Mishka, Kidrobot, 5Boro, along with your favorite local sports team apparel.

Roots keeps their banner namesake ‘Roots’ tees around so you can rock deep Vliet Street pride. They also teamed up with Rehughes Design to generate even more local flavor. Rehughes Design brought forth limited edition T’s graphics to amp Roots grand opening back in the fall, some styles worth looking into.

If you’re going really hardcore backlashing against any branding, Roots also has custom screenprinting services available to get you into that t-shirt idea burning a hole in your head.

Roots Underground Outfitters is located in 5328 W. Vliet Street

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