Bayou Fixings, Bronzeville, The Big Eazy

Bronzeville laid in wait, and nabbed a prize foodie establishment in The Big Eazy. Nestled on a quiet corner of Lloyd and Martin Luther King Drive, The Big Eazy offers authentic soul food staples from the delta region, raised a notch to unpretentiously meet the tastes of discerning diners.

Sticking to the gulf theme, helpings of seafood take up main street. Choices of red snapper partnered with sauteed squash or blackened catfish surfing on a bed of andouille grits or soft shell crab caked or seasonally fried under an egg Benedict take their final swim on your plate.

Terrestrial fare gets its due as well. Where the chicken usually gets chosen by default, The  Big Eazy hunts outside of the coop zeroing in on four legged stock. Pork chops, lamb chops and ribeye steak parade as drum majors to your table if you choose. The Big Eazy stands out as a place doesn’t mind providing multiple options, usually only reserving space on seasonal menus at boutique eateries around town.

The flavor profile of The Big Eazy departs reliable bulbous garlic and onion phases, in favor of the traditional Cajun pallet preferring pepper and citrus embellishments. The Big Eazy’s Herbs of choice shift menu further neutral of savory, or sweet. Sage, oregano, dill, parsley and cilantro gently complement main courses, as an alternative to more bracing standard choices of basil, rosemary or bay. In this way, authentic New Orleans inspired cuisine may prove challenging in comparison to Midwestern customs, however that should beckon a much appreciated welcome to an relatively uncharted culinary realm in Milwaukee. Save some room after dinner, rum cake, and with some luck, sweet potato cobbler will be available to represent the best Southern tradition of all, dessert.

The Big Eazy sets a classy-casual decor and atmosphere. Seemingly minor touches, such as furnishings, make a tremendous impression, and if done improperly can affect the taste of the food. Pleasantly, The Big Eazy’s sanded wood armed chairs padded with black vinyl cushions project quality and charm.

Matching black table clothes accent the table settings. A wall sized photo-wrap of Bourbon Street steals the scene. Mardi Gras masks, people portraits and street-scapes from New Orleans immortalize the past in the present, covering the remaining wall space.

America still probably can’t fathom the magnitude of Hurricane Katrina. The displacement of people and culture is tragic, but has very likely enriched Milwaukee. The Big Eazy keeps true to its Southern pace, open for business during the dinner hours and for Sunday Brunch. A husband and wife team run the outfit, sharing the helm in the kitchen and dinning area. The Big Eazy is located on 2053 N. Martin Luther King Drive and also offers catering and hosts private events.

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