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So you try to include your truest friend on the biggest night of your life. You hook up said last-friend-standing, your honored bridesmaid Regan (Tess Cipinski), with the spoils of youre femine conquest: a swank hotel suite in downtown NYC. You bagged a rich groom who buys the crap out of your love already, better take advantage while you can. You only have one request, keep those evil chicks Gena (Liz Faraglia) and Katie (Shannon Nettersheim) away. They used to be your best party friends but they were nothing but trouble. Major trouble. They aren’t even invited to your wedding anyway.

At twenty, 27 you give yourself a lot of credit for having a half-a-head a sense, and something to show for it. You have no bad feelings about cashing out of that life.  


photos courtesy of Traveling Lemur Productions
After a nice evening with her fiancĂ©, Becky (Kelly Doherty) figures she’ll drop in on Regan to wind down, reminisce a bit and get a good nights rest. She gets to the suite and its pretty much trashed. Figures… Where’s Regan? Why is Katie here? Who are these guys? Why the hell is Gena at the door with a plastic garbage bag? 

Let me count the ways

Mark Boergers’ version of Bachelorette takes us to those places we’d rather turn our head away from or forget about. Places from our past. Places from our now. Between these sites harboring uncleared social train wreck debris Bachelorette takes us to gawk at, there is enough substance buried in this subterranean drama to redeem the audience’s sensibilities.


photos courtesy of Traveling Lemur Productions
Bachelorette raises questions of friendship, substance abuse, mysogyny, self-esteem and self-worth, societal expectations and love. Leslye Headland’s script stuffs laughs between these moments, some split the tattered seams holding Becky’s clique together.

Evan Koepnec (Joe) and Nick Narcisi (Jeff) round out Bachelorette’s cast, toppping it off with equal doses of oblivious and creepily deliberate male modus operandi. Katie Gray fashioned the costume design, Keri Ryan handled the the production and stage management, and the Alchemist’s own Aaron Kopec busied his hands skillfully again with the Technical Design.

Bachelorette is Theater RED’s second play of their 2015-2016 season and runs long weekends through March 19th, with a pay-what-you-can run on March 14th. All showtimes at 8p at the Alchemist Theatre in Bay View.

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