Brooklyn Baby, Brooklyn Sun, Polly A

I looked back at what I wrote after hearing Meleni Smith’s first full length album My Heart in Focus. It started like I almost started this post, with a metaphor about a road, her road. If it’s a road she on, her personal mix tape must play over and over, a day dream come true.

Meleni Smith n.k.a Polly A, has roots in the Good Land, raised during the old guard era of culture and consciousness few know, fewer remember. She’s written for J. Cole and Alicia Keys. Her destiny now plays on an Okay Player web exclusive, her new single Brookyn Sun released on 222 Records/Interscope Records, says it all between the lines. Seeing is Seeing, check the Brooklyn Sun video on Vevo.

Her composition m.o. makes the original fun, fun again; dramatic and expressed in an extremely varied manner, always poignant.


Polly A’s full length album Golden Ghetto Dream is due out later this year, check Brooklyn Sun on iTunes and SoundCloud.

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