Classic Departure, Company Brewing, Sista Strings

In the depths of Milwaukee’s DIY music scene, a renaissance germinates. Classically trained brass and string musicians, pleasantly cross-pollinating rock genres of all types, continue their bloom. These virtuoso rosin their bows and swap out their reeds to spite traditional concert halls. They have carved places and musical structures of their own, to express visions of musical aesthetic and composition yet conceived by the casual listener. Most of all, they create a marvelous experiences.

Company Brewing buttoned-up their image compared to the old Stone Fly, no worries though. On this night, like most others, the quality of the show stayed the same. New Boyz’ mystic river of loping, soul gripping stanzas had my live-music-jones covered, pleasantly. To get downstream though, I slipped into rushing rapids.

Holton Renaissance

Fervently, Sista Strings sent classical phrasing swiftly rolling along the banks of conventional string family expectations. Their set carried gormandizers against their will to a troublesome place they subconsciously want to reach anyway; somewhere between technicality and uninhibited.

Gracious performers, they grated their attendants with an edge of focused rage, occasionally releasing us from their grasp gently, as they surprised each other with subtle wrinkles in their sections, setting coy smiles on each others faces.

They should be featured at music venues everywhere as soon and often as possible.

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