No Telling, Cadaver Conspiracy, The Documents to Prove It

The album cover says it all. A dreadful collage speckled with images of Bukowski, Castro, Rasputin (or some other ghastly East European literary intellect), plastered atop visages of the Crypt Keeper, wolf-man, They Live! human impostors, random Charles Bronson-esque explosions, Freddy Kruger with no hat, super official authorities in post-Industrial era hazmat suits, the Gilman and lord knows what other obscure pop and historical references. Are these ‘The Documents to Prove It?


If The Documents to Prove It’s cover art rose out of a cut-up indie cult nightmare, Cadaver Conspiracy’s audio content never woke from a fish, raw salad, and rap zine mash-up dream; a reality hard to touch but worth seeking.

Cadaver Conspiracy keeps a pulse on the cold vein of post-golden era hip-hop in this post-everything music era. Cadaver Conspiracy root down its tracks in sparsely layered drumkit loops, densely covered by elusive samples, maintaining a crate-carrying ethos while expanding to live vocals and instrumentation.

The Art of Snippet

What Cadaver Conspiracy really expands on is the legacy left by Prince Paul and Dan the Automator, the modern founders audio mashups. Who can forget that duo snidely ripping Chris Elliot’s voice proclaiming “I’m going to be a male model.” Handsome Boy Modeling School peppered their projects with various misplaced audio snippets to give their music production an amusing and semi-coherent storyline.

Cadaver Conspiracy takes this technique in their own direction, piecing together broadcast media out-takes and interviews, to deliver a scalding and dim commentary on the absurdity filling certain corners of social life and political discussion in America, all set to original beats. Strangely prophetic, Cadaver Conspiracy nails the Pokemon Go craze, wacko religious right, and Harry Potter backlash. A nice dose of random verbal nonsense gets mixed-in to ease the tension.

Cadaver Conspiracy’s The Documents to Prove it is available as a pay-what-you can download on Bandcamp.

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