Cruising Tuesdays, Cactus Club, Date Stuff

Date Stuff’s drummer (Abby Black) was all geeked about being in Milwaukee so she could nab some Spotted Cow for the trip back to Chi-town. Part of the gag was that she could actually tell everybody since she had a mic. Drummers never have mics. 

Her band mate Karla Bernasconi seared her for it, “You bought 24 spotted cows” evoking absurdity of the literal image. She’d hate to admit it but nobody can get more Sconnie than someone who’s last name has ‘-Sconi’ in it.

Stop being my Favorite

A punchy bad-ass nerd duo, Date Stuff hammers out some wildly arranged spasmodic indie pop. Bernasconi sometimes laces these riffs with painfully restrained breathy vocals, always recognizable in conservative indie pop tunes. Her skittish and unorthodox guitar work gives her voice the ultimate playmate, which shifts quickly to well-placed matter-of-fact belting. Black mercurially codes her drumming in ever-morphing time signatures, giving the lead harmonies something fun and choppy to surf on.

They released a demo winter 2017, and everyone who hears it probably can barely wait for more. Self-muted and unassuming, Date Stuff gave Cactus Club goers a bigger serving of dizzying and whimsical material, just what you need but wouldn’t expect for Tuesday night show.

Date Stuff’s self-titled 2 song demo is on bandcamp if you were wondering.

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