Thieves of Fortune, Cactus Club, Endless Era

Radio Milwaukee had a spot recently with beabadoobie discussing how inexplicably some musicians with phenomenal projects toil and toil and never quite break through, and how others miraculously gain instant notoriety.

A recent live effort by new kids on the scene Endless Era gave show-goers the feeling this trio could vault straight to insta-hit status or run the well trod path a mega cool cult synth pop act that never quite climbs from under the shadows of the local music canopy.

They cut their Cactus set with an inspired play of their winter 2019 single Mine. Blake Akers just devastated the final drum transitions in a way that very few can open up, sending Jon Eleyet and Caleb Rogers into a controlled rage to bring Mine to its crescendo.

Endless Era



Spicing up the Recipe

It wasn’t so much that the song conjured a groundbreaking new sound, Mine is basically variation of the pop synthwave formula: rising drums, thick down tempo key board, thinly layered guitar melody with a tad of mod distorted amplification, always delicious. A certain moxie and sense of performative urgency set Endless Era apart. How they progress from their new-band honeymoon will be worth staying tuned, hope they stick around for awhile.

Endless Era’s 2019 single Mine is available on bandcamp.

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