Who’s Making, Up Market, MOCT

Football dominates Sunday afternoons, especially in Packer country and especially when the hometown favorite makes mince meat morsels out of ancient rivals Chicago Bears. MOCT on Pittsburg has taken a different approach to Sunday funday, mixing an afternoon of sports and indy commerce. They’ve huddled with Wren Solares’ creative start-up Lost In Milwaukee to giveContinue reading “Who’s Making, Up Market, MOCT”

Local Trolley 2011 Honors!

Oh yeah it’s 2012! That means it’s time to quickly look back at 2011 before speeding off into the night of the New Year. I’ve been blogging for about 3 years now, and the new year also brings us closer to Local Trolley’s one year anniversary! Before I go on posting, I want to acknowledgeContinue reading “Local Trolley 2011 Honors!”

Art vs Craft 2011, MSOE Wehr Center

Over the weekend Art vs. Craft happened. Art, Craft, some might say who gives a damn. Could you just boil it down to that? This event is in its 8th year and it keeps growing. Well, you could do some boiling and you would probably be shopping regularly at Bay Shore Mall Towne Mall and Mall too.Continue reading “Art vs Craft 2011, MSOE Wehr Center”

Megan Lee Designs, Art vs Craft 2011

Megan Lee is not from Milwaukee, then again who is these days (it’s not like it’s a bad thing). Most of all I like her regional outlook. You can be cool in Iowa wearing a shirt with Ohio, Wisconsin or a mini-boxer pug dog on it. Megan Lee’s designs are hand illustrated with sharp andContinue reading “Megan Lee Designs, Art vs Craft 2011”

Just Seeds, Art vs Craft 2011

Just Seeds’ sharp pop taste is very near the status of a global mainstay. Socially conscious and smart, I always enjoy their work. They even have a installation at the new Villard Avenue Branch of the Milwaukee Public Library. Do I really need to mention their prints make great additions to most any wall space?Continue reading “Just Seeds, Art vs Craft 2011”