Art vs Craft 2011, MSOE Wehr Center

Over the weekend Art vs. Craft happened. Art, Craft, some might say who gives a damn. Could you just boil it down to that? This event is in its 8th year and it keeps growing. Well, you could do some boiling and you would probably be shopping regularly at Bay Shore Mall Towne Mall and Mall too.

Founder of Art vs. Craft Faythe Levine is the patron saint of Milwaukee’s DIY fervor, and gets a big high-five-oops-miss-ha-ha for nurturing the movement here. A couple of winters ago, she and Amy Heimerl released a global view documentary about making stuff called Handmade Nation (actually one of the first happenings I ever blogged was a write-up of the film premier in Milwaukee).

So after missing Art vs. Craft last year and the years before that, I finally got a chance to go. The full listing of vendors is here on Art vs. Craft’s website. All of Art vs. Craft‘s vendors were personally invited to participate. It’s mostly comes down to taste, and everyone had something good to offer. Here are a few that I really enjoyed.

Why @LocalTrolley Checked-Out:
Kristopher Pollard Illustrations and Portraits
Megan Lee Designs
Delia Sophia’s Handmade Cutting Boards
Speakeasy Pens and Gifts
Bureau of Print Research and Design
Just Seeds

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