Creamy Skies, High Summer Milwaukee

At dusk Thursday, a miraculous scene accumulated in Milwaukee's corner of our Earth's atmosphere. It rained on one side of the street and not the other. Ten distinct clouds types formed simultaneously, as varying levels of pressure agitated water molecules aided by thermal fluctuations from the heat of light. A sight to behold, each cardinal... Continue Reading →

New Ends, African World Festival

Twenty-years ago it spanned the entire Henry Meir Festival Grounds. Tough social times in Milwaukee's Black community that spilled over from the 1980s, entrenching the 1990s and 2000s, eventually dried African World Festival to dust. Over the past three years, African World Festival has made a quiet comeback carried by the regular everyday-working, tax-paying, and... Continue Reading →

Political Reason, New Blood, Stamper II, Buckner

It's election day for Milwaukee Alders, County Supervisors and other government offices, plus there's a primary for the Republican candidate for the political office, terribly acronym-ed POTUS. Although I'm not and don't care to be a source for political commentary, two candidates for Milwaukee County Supervisor today are worth noting both for their youth and... Continue Reading →

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