Political Reason, New Blood, Stamper II, Buckner

It’s election day for Milwaukee Alders, County Supervisors and other government offices, plus there’s a primary for the Republican candidate for the political office, terribly acronym-ed POTUS. Although I’m not and don’t care to be a source for political commentary, two candidates for Milwaukee County Supervisor today are worth noting both for their youth and potential to transform Milwaukee’s political landscape.

Sherman Renaissance

In the 5th District County Supervisor race, governing Sherman Park and parts of Washington Park, Russell Stamper II vies for Lee Holloway’s former seat. The Coggs’ aren’t the only family with a political legacy (Stamper happens to be running against Priscilla Coggs-Jones), Stamper II is the son of Milwaukee County Judge Russel Stamper Sr. A win for Stamper II would mark a new era for Milwaukee local politics, one in which the generation in Milwaukee that everyone points to as the source of its social problems, will have a leader emerge, taking to the time to work through the challenges of bringing an area with great potential to be a economic hub in Milwaukee to its full potential. Stamper II currently works as a Community Liaison with Social Development Commission.

Growing Industry

The County’s 7th District has a candidate rising out of Milwaukee Public Schools flag ship institution Rufus King to become an alum of Marquette University in Real Estate development. After working as an Assistant Project Manager for Milwaukee’s Scattered Sites III housing development initiative with WHEDA, Jermaine Buckner seeks to lead an oddly shaped County district in Milwaukee’s Northwest Side capturing part of the 35th Street Corridor and Granville Business District. His opponent Michael Mayo has been on the County Board for 18 years and I’ve never heard of him. I’m all for being behind the scenes but that type of visibility may get close to being under the stage.

One interesting thing about Buckner, despite the obvious fact that he has an engaging personality (that was apparent from a segment of a town hall listening session with candidates I saw on MATA over the weekend), it seems that he is aware that there is a cutting edge in economic development that centers on standards and compliance and is well on his way down the path of gaining the expertise and credentials to understand and manage public money, and building the relationships needed to support his agenda.

Election Day in Milwaukee is happening right now in Milwaukee if you haven’t voted already here’s how and here’s how to find your polling place.

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