Borders hoarders leave Aceyalone

Cold rain deepened my resolve to visit the Grand Avenue Borders blow-out sale, a trip that I plotted and canceled several times. Who am I to separate the uncanny combination of books and rain? The partially burned out 'O' in the marquee sign atop the building also helped. Until Borders announced its closing  I never... Continue Reading →

Boom is Back, Codebreaker

I was listening to Radio Milwaukee Tuesday morning and heard native MKE band Codebreaker getting spin. Might not be the first splash they made on the radio waves, but it's the first I heard leading in with band name announced before the song. True to Milwaukee form, I first heard about Codebreaker in winter of... Continue Reading →

Riverwest Follies: Staying true

Conversations about neighborhoods will inevitably take verbal exchanges past the landmarks of Riverwest, the neighborhood no one can agree upon. Known traditionally as Milwaukee's melting pot, Riverwest's legacy of community engagement, activism and acceptance of anti-mainstream lifestyles faces escalating jeers complaining of endemic crime and infestation of suburban social apathy. Saturday night at the Polish... Continue Reading →

Funk, e’Lectrick Warbabyz do it, to it

The dedicated month to recognize Black History brought forth a small gathering of culturally inclined and community oriented minds to enjoy one of the greatest musical genres invented in America, funk music. An underrated space in an underrated neighborhood, King Commons II in Harambee, played host to the e'Lectrick Warbabyz' Friday night performance. A squad... Continue Reading →

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