Blood and Bodice, H+D Productions, Storyteller Theater, Twelfth Night

Orsino (Stuart Mott) strides on the set, his bellowing maroon silken half tunic rippling at every incisive gesture he makes, urging his tender aged servant attendant Cesario to his presence. Espousing noble tenure, Orsino with much affection, whether smug, faintly sarcastic, or down right charmingly dorky, commands his boy to his slightest need. Cesario abidesContinue reading “Blood and Bodice, H+D Productions, Storyteller Theater, Twelfth Night”

Breaking Stables, Quasimondo Physical Theatre, Animal Farm

Dusk had yet hit and I’m on the edge of some suburban, southwesterly boundary of Milwaukee County. The clouds hold harmonies of country fields, drawn off key a bit by encroaching gated communities. Historic Trimborn Farm in Greenfield was platted there, and gave plot for Quasimondo Physical Theatre’s physical and interpretive theater¬†adaption of George Orwell’sContinue reading “Breaking Stables, Quasimondo Physical Theatre, Animal Farm”

Going Cosmic, The Quasimondo, Love & Cthulhu

Professor Whately (Kathryn Cesarz) notices a few people ambling down the long hallway leading to the humble Quasimondo Physical Theatre studio space. She points the way cordially before meeting the rest of the group touring Miskatonic University. Like most college kids we were a little eager, possible a bit anxious, going so deep into theContinue reading “Going Cosmic, The Quasimondo, Love & Cthulhu”

Soaring, Brewed Cafe, Jaems Murphy’s Vedic Eden

A lonesome voice brings everyone into his realm, they savor the feeling. His guitar sings the cryptic melodies of life’s winding road. Everyone’s route has its charms. Jaems Murphy quaintly celebrated the release of his most recent expulsion Mono No Aware, with a small ensemble of musicians and audiophiles at Brewed Cafe. Outside is coldContinue reading “Soaring, Brewed Cafe, Jaems Murphy’s Vedic Eden”

The Lathe Within, Alchemist Theatre, The Chairs

As the dialog in the theatrical duet The Chairs goes on, you begin to notice the Old Woman (Kelly Doherty) and the Old Man (Tim Linn<) nonchalantly bringing chairs from places all over the stage into the scene. Somehow 52 chairs have made it on stage by the closing scene. Who was this guy EugeneContinue reading “The Lathe Within, Alchemist Theatre, The Chairs”