Soaring, Brewed Cafe, Jaems Murphy’s Vedic Eden


A lonesome voice brings everyone into his realm, they savor the feeling. His guitar sings the cryptic melodies of life’s winding road. Everyone’s route has its charms. Jaems Murphy quaintly celebrated the release of his most recent expulsion Mono No Aware, with a small ensemble of musicians and audiophiles at Brewed Cafe. Outside is cold as February in the year 2014.

A sheet draped over the picture window made a silver screen for the Vidic Eden to accompany Jaems Murphy’s numero uno rip Right Your Will. Murphy tumbles through escapades expected for a man in his shoes, somehow unscathed like sopping wet clothes renewed in a gas dryer, better for their tumbles.

Right You Will, Jaems Murphy’s Vedic via Jaems Murphy on Youtube

A gnarly bunch, the Vedic Eden has Murphy’s back on rhythm guitar, stand up bass, keyboard, trumpet and various percussion, not withstanding a door key chime.

If eclectic weren’t cliche they would be serially riding your emotional whims until personal sands are stirred. The Jaems Murphy’s Vedic Eden release can be sampled here on Bandcamp.

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