Brewers Opening Day ’13, Tailgate Smelt Fry

Growing up, I had a shit kicking, High Life drinking, roof laying, neighbor next door. He was also the first person I ever saw grilling in the rain under an umbrella, with a beer can and Marlboro smoking in one hand, turning brats with a serving fork in the other. Beside the yelling, cursing, racistContinue reading “Brewers Opening Day ’13, Tailgate Smelt Fry”

Cheap Pre-Xmas Eve Activities, Downtown Milwaukee

So friends, family and the in-laws may be in town for the holidays, and with Christmas just two days a way, low cost activities might be in order. Here are a few options if you are up for a little jaunt about town. Historic Milwaukee Skywalks Tour Meeting at 1pm in the Shops of GrandContinue reading “Cheap Pre-Xmas Eve Activities, Downtown Milwaukee”

Two-wheeled Sleigh, Santa Rampage

‘Tis the season again, and why not be merry. No snow yet, a nice extended fall. There’s egg nog to choke down and hot cider brandy’s to warm the belly… and beer does’t really need an occasion. For hardcore urbanites, a breed multiplying in all walks of life, Christmas season also brings another opportunity toContinue reading “Two-wheeled Sleigh, Santa Rampage”

A Gem, Doors Open, The Central Library

Hidden within the astute renaissance facade of the Central Library, the people that walked those halls, past and present, exude as much character as the marble railings and bound books they house. Doors Open Milwaukee let us peer into the the windows of the past of kept open by the Central Library structure’s detailed building-craftContinue reading “A Gem, Doors Open, The Central Library”

Art for the Birds, Lynden Sculpture Gardens

Giant forms of steel and other various materials, some jagged, some smooth, some anthropomorphic, recline on the sprawling lawn of the Lynden Sculpture Garden. A great scene for artists, couples, families and outdoorsy people, or all of the above, the Lynden Sculpture Garden has tours both guided and unguided. However, this coming Sunday at 12:30pContinue reading “Art for the Birds, Lynden Sculpture Gardens”