Art for the Birds, Lynden Sculpture Gardens

Giant forms of steel and other various materials, some jagged, some smooth, some anthropomorphic, recline on the sprawling lawn of the Lynden Sculpture Garden. A great scene for artists, couples, families and outdoorsy people, or all of the above, the Lynden Sculpture Garden has tours both guided and unguided. However, this coming Sunday at 12:30p another cause can bring you to the Lynden confines.

Art for the Birds came about as an attempt to decrease the number of birds that go careening into window panes during the summer and fall months. The Lynden Sculpture Gardens will host an afternoon of crafty-ness as they create a collage for the Lynden Gallery building designed to alert birds to presence of windows.  Between 12:30 and 2:30p on July 10th, you can add aesthetically pleasing and bird deterring digital images for the collage. Bring you digital cameras and cool photo ideas along.

The Lynden Sculpture Gardens, which actually more resembles mid-sized park, features over 50 exquisite monumental industrial and traditional sculptures in the garden. Currently, on exhibit at the Lynden Gallery is artwork by Amy Cropper and Stuart Morris entitled Inside/Outside. The Lynden Sculpture Garden also hosts other periodic events such as Yoga in the Garden, which happens Sunday’s at 1:00p.

Even if you can’t make Art for the Birds or Yoga in the Garden, the Lynden Sculpture Garden is open Friday through Wednesday for the Summer months, a great setting to spend a relaxing afternoon whenever you might have a chance.

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