Blood and Bodice, H+D Productions, Storyteller Theater, Twelfth Night

Orsino (Stuart Mott) strides on the set, his bellowing maroon silken half tunic rippling at every incisive gesture he makes, urging his tender aged servant attendant Cesario to his presence. Espousing noble tenure, Orsino with much affection, whether smug, faintly sarcastic, or down right charmingly dorky, commands his boy to his slightest need. Cesario abidesContinue reading “Blood and Bodice, H+D Productions, Storyteller Theater, Twelfth Night”

Breaking Stables, Quasimondo Physical Theatre, Animal Farm

Dusk had yet hit and I’m on the edge of some suburban, southwesterly boundary of Milwaukee County. The clouds hold harmonies of country fields, drawn off key a bit by encroaching gated communities. Historic Trimborn Farm in Greenfield was platted there, and gave plot for Quasimondo Physical Theatre’s physical and interpretive theater¬†adaption of George Orwell’sContinue reading “Breaking Stables, Quasimondo Physical Theatre, Animal Farm”

The Field is on Our Side, Antony and The Tramps, BBC

Suns out at least for a day, so lets pretend it will be tomorrow as well. While one hundred thousand people will be down at Henry Meier Festival Grounds, the rest of Milwaukee will carry on the per usuals. BBC has Antony and the Tramps to simmer the musical stew tomorrow night. They got ambientContinue reading “The Field is on Our Side, Antony and The Tramps, BBC”

Going the Length, Madden Miles, #HeroMusic

With so many artists having musical aspirations blooming everywhere at every moment, there just isn’t enough time to give everyone their due. North Coast kid Madden Miles, just keeps lining up raw and unsung projects. He does what needs to be done, in this era of mega pop like me simpleton tunes, the projects justContinue reading “Going the Length, Madden Miles, #HeroMusic”

Pulse Hard, adoptahighway, 414Melt

Suddenly tons of stand-up basses have rumbled on the Milwaukee music scene. Notably, Thistletown Thunders and Calamity Janes, Jaems Murphey’s Vedic Eden, and The Flood offer the bass’s ruminating thuds in bluegrass dialect. Add to that list Barry Paul Clark. Fluent in Jazz and electric composition, Clark fused both as his super alter-ego adoptahighway atContinue reading “Pulse Hard, adoptahighway, 414Melt”