Delia Sophia Cutting Boards, Art vs Craft 2011

Kitchens are for cutting tasty eats. I asked personally if you could cut meat on Delia Sophia’s Handmade Cutting Boards and the answer is yes. Just make sure you clean it thoroughly like anything else worthy of thorough cleaning. Click pict for more from Delia… Why @LocalTrolley Checked-Out: Art vs Craft 2011, MSOE Wehr CenterContinue reading “Delia Sophia Cutting Boards, Art vs Craft 2011”

MKE Molecules, WMSE Buy-Local Bazaar

A sidewalk sign boasted availability of “fine fineries” at the Buy-Local Bazaar in the Kern Center Sunday afternoon. In case you missed it, here are few of Local Trolley’s favorite booths: Lovesick Robot Studios I mention this booth from the standpoint that I used to be a super duper Star Wars freak. The keyContinue reading “MKE Molecules, WMSE Buy-Local Bazaar”

People’s Books Co-op, DIY baggie style

A corridor of books leads to a small card table covered in plastic shopping bags. Two young women dressed for cold weather, kept company by an overflow of shopping bags sitting on the floor, busy their hands manipulating scissors to trim excess plastic into likable shapes. One of the two, Flannery Steffens, temporarily transplanted fromContinue reading “People’s Books Co-op, DIY baggie style”

Retrospective: Levine and Heimerl, Handmade Nation

I really enjoyed the film Handmade Nation, the work of Milwaukee documentarians. The review I authored entitled Manifest Dexterity originally posted February 8, 2009 on Sane Artworks Blog. ——- —- ——- Manifest Dexterity Wanna stick it to the “the man”? What if I told you that you could do it in the comfort of yourContinue reading “Retrospective: Levine and Heimerl, Handmade Nation”