MKE Molecules, WMSE Buy-Local Bazaar

A sidewalk sign boasted availability of “fine fineries” at the Buy-Local Bazaar in the Kern Center Sunday afternoon. In case you missed it, here are few of Local Trolley’s favorite booths:

Lovesick Robot Studios
I mention this booth from the standpoint that I used to be a super duper Star Wars freak. The key phrase is “used to” and if you try bringing up some Star Wars trilogy fun facts around me, it won’t be very fun for long. Lovesick Robot Studios‘ t-shirt liquidation drew my attention with an iconic Storm Trooper helmet image. Browsing the rack, yet another T design of an AT-AT with the slogan “they see me rolling, they hating” written below it made this booth note worthy. Judging from the website, I think a pod of Bay View kids are responsible for this silliness.

The Brass Rooster http://toorockabilly4awebsite.rock
Featuring $5 patent leather shoes, short brimmed fedoras, and snap-brim smoking caps, The Brass Rooster will have you ready for your Big Bopper makeover in no-time. Why am I telling you this? The Brass Rooster will also spruce-up outfits with vintage cuff-link and tie-clip combinations for a reasonable price. Located at 2479 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue, The Brass Rooster opens on May 7th, 2011. If you tried to click on the web link I should take you by the ear and drag you from the computer.

Present Music
Present Music showcases composers and reciters of avant-garde music. Present Music brought toy piano virtuoso and Juilliard’s first woman doctorate, Margaret Leng Tan, to Milwaukee this past Thanksgiving. Season finale Amy X Nueberg plays ‘avant-caberet’ and sings in four-octave range at Turner Hall June 18, 2011.

Ian Pritchard Photographs
Ian Pritchard, no stranger to local art events, stunned me with a excellent street shot, of which I inquired as to the setting to find it actually captured a corner of Brady Street. Nice work Ian, turning local, global.

Honorable mention:
Too Much Rock for One Hand for the two fisted abomination of a devil-worshiping logo, More 2 Gain video production for going out of their way to provide a business card, and Kasana Concierge Gourmet for having the nerve to do anything in St. Francis.

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