Gallery Night Fall 2011, Studio Lounge

Exposed brick, some wood and some nails, the art tied it all together. Three years ago BYO Studio had the essentials: space, location and passionate people. Today the Studio Lounge fills any expectation an interesting person may have for an interesting place to go. With vintage furnishings, custom made fixtures and highly flexible interior designContinue reading “Gallery Night Fall 2011, Studio Lounge”

Gallery Night, Summer 2011, Bryan Cera

Expanding like a sponge with access to water, Milwaukee can’t help but ingest all the art it can get its dilated eyes upon. Gallery Night in Milwaukee is truly reaching major event status, even without complete buy-in from all of Milwaukee’s artistic strong holds. Some of the Light, Blue Ant Gallery, Third Ward Through theContinue reading “Gallery Night, Summer 2011, Bryan Cera”

Gallery Night Spring 2011, Studio 420b

With significant inspiration present, growing an idea requires little space. Mark David Gray curator and resident artist of splashing new Studio 420b whips up his creative gumbo with this recipe. Born of a workspace less than 300 square feet, the gallery’s loosely carved and ample surface area now allows for nooks amenable to his artisticContinue reading “Gallery Night Spring 2011, Studio 420b”

Retrospective: Gallery Night, Winter 2011

Always enjoyable Gallery Night yielded a few notables during the winter 2011 edition.  Originally posted to the Sane Artworks Blog January 26, 2011. —- — —- Gallery Night Milwaukee: Green Gallery, Patricia Terry, Berkeley and other splashes The winter edition of Gallery Night in Milwaukee took place Friday and Saturday this past weekend. I tookContinue reading “Retrospective: Gallery Night, Winter 2011”

Retrospective: Gallery Night, Summer 2009

Originally posted July 27, 2009 on the Sane Artworks Blog, this is a bad-a#$’s version of a Shih Tzu. —— —- —— All around Milwaukee you can see physical changes taking place: clean-cut mixed-use developments, fragrant plantings in the boulevards. The streets are even getting paved after ten years of neglect. Some of that sameContinue reading “Retrospective: Gallery Night, Summer 2009”