Gallery Night Fall 2011, Studio Lounge

Exposed brick, some wood and some nails, the art tied it all together. Three years ago BYO Studio had the essentials: space, location and passionate people. Today the Studio Lounge fills any expectation an interesting person may have for an interesting place to go.

With vintage furnishings, custom made fixtures and highly flexible interior design in place, dusky lighting cloaks the Studio Lounge in enough mystery to wield a cutting-edge. Cool yet approachable, finding an item that you can trace back to this or that retail big box or catalog probably won’t happen while visiting the venue. No need for overstocked housewares, Studio Lounge’s rawness balances its refinement giving a rare vibe of both down-to-earth yet jet-set, rendering you comfortable but not enough to slouch.

Visual arts get their share of attention, and not privileging any particular creative form, Studio Lounge allows ingenious minds to nudge themselves in whatever direction they dare go. Made available, whenever possible, to ideas pitched with the intention of bringing fashionably artsy people together, the gallery space opens up for house sponsored events like Salsa Sundays and Taste! Thursdays with WMSE‘s Madkid DJ Bizzon. Well organized and thoughtful projects such as private gatherings and workshops can also apply.

For the Fall edition of Gallery Night, Studio Lounge featured the work of a two very talented artists, Jenie Gao and Jason Anthony LeRoy with support of noteworthy works of Steven Bowlin Davies, Melena Magnolia, and Douglas Matchnik, and renown artist David Schaefer. The current installation can be enjoyed until November 6th.

Pt 1 Piqued Canvas, Jenie Gao
Pt 2 Abstract Severe, Jason Anthony LeRoy

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