How do you get around town? Zipcar Milwaukee is here and growing

Usually the debate about how to get about town in Milwaukee is a decent conversation piece. In the worst cases, it’s the way to find the poles of people’s outlook on life in the city. Wait what’s that? Milwaukee has Zipcar! Now there is even more to talk about, and they’re giving away a ZipcertificateContinue reading “How do you get around town? Zipcar Milwaukee is here and growing”

Connoisseur Culture, Roaster, Valentine Coffee

When you’re incoherently ambling around ready for that crucial first sip of the day, though taste and quality does matter, hard pressed coffee enthusiasts know that how you prep the brew rarely has consequence. Contrary to conventional habits, the crude, yet noble, preparation technique of hand drip has gained popularity in cupping communities in recentContinue reading “Connoisseur Culture, Roaster, Valentine Coffee”

Mending the Viaduct, Three Bridges Park

The weather will break just in time for the dedication of Three Bridges Park tomorrow, an endeavor that culminates a 15-year rebirth of the Menomonee Valley. In the not so distant past of the previous decade the Valley was in pretty rough shape, with brownfields, under utilization, and livestock busting out of slaughterhouse pens stoppingContinue reading “Mending the Viaduct, Three Bridges Park”

Creamy Skies, High Summer Milwaukee

At dusk Thursday, a miraculous scene accumulated in Milwaukee’s corner of our Earth’s atmosphere. It rained on one side of the street and not the other. Ten distinct clouds types formed simultaneously, as varying levels of pressure agitated water molecules aided by thermal fluctuations from the heat of light. A sight to behold, each cardinalContinue reading “Creamy Skies, High Summer Milwaukee”

Some Ideas, Art Milwaukee, Eastside Music Tour

I like the idea of a one block tour, it’s the next best thing to traveling all over the country chasing your favorite bands! Keepers of the local ART Milwaukee are making it happen this Saturday on Brady Street all day with the Eastside Music Tour. They strung together an all day line up ofContinue reading “Some Ideas, Art Milwaukee, Eastside Music Tour”