Grotesque Couture, Quasimondo Physical Theatre, Buboes

An old worn monsieur hobbles forward, eccentric and slightly obsessive, gathering refuse of interest along his way. The lines in his face trace a life of difficulty, all the same to him. Fitting of late medieval times, a woman nurses a babe coarsely, holding it by the neck to her bosom. She meets an unseenContinue reading “Grotesque Couture, Quasimondo Physical Theatre, Buboes”

No Doze, Suicide Sleep, Alchemist Theatre

He has that tortured look on his face. Rick (Joshua Devitt) sits up from his bed in the middle of night, intimately bothered. The rowdy neighbors give him plenty of reason to fix his face to glare at nothing in particular. The bass is pounding from a sound system next door, and he wonders howContinue reading “No Doze, Suicide Sleep, Alchemist Theatre”

Breaking Stables, Quasimondo Physical Theatre, Animal Farm

Dusk had yet hit and I’m on the edge of some suburban, southwesterly boundary of Milwaukee County. The clouds hold harmonies of country fields, drawn off key a bit by encroaching gated communities. Historic Trimborn Farm in Greenfield was platted there, and gave plot for Quasimondo Physical Theatre’s physical and interpretive theater¬†adaption of George Orwell’sContinue reading “Breaking Stables, Quasimondo Physical Theatre, Animal Farm”

Regal Breed, Alchemist Theatre, King Lear

King Lear (Bo Johnson) gnashes his last words in anguish clinging to his dearest treasure, lost within his own mind. Life’s seasons delivered him one too many harsh political maelstroms, one too few kindred summer swoons, his will worn away. The life of a King. We see him tangled, a heap strewn across the overgrowthContinue reading “Regal Breed, Alchemist Theatre, King Lear”

What?! Beyond Awesome, Team Bayside High

The February 2013 term of Beyond Awesome featured lazer blazing Chicago duo Team Bayside High. If the Miramar Theatre was actually Bayside High these cats basically tied Mr. Belling up, put Zack in a full-nelson and made Screech punch him in the face at knife point, while blasting their stanking new refit of C+C MusicContinue reading “What?! Beyond Awesome, Team Bayside High”