What?! Beyond Awesome, Ryan Albydamned

A nice cross between mellower House and hard banging club Electronica of vary shades, I hate to even try to give a written flavor of Albydamned controlling the monitors. He's been a mainstay of Beyond Awesome dance-offs and collaborator with most of the who is's of Milwaukee's club jam producers, most notably 414MELT 's TheDemix... Continue Reading →

Blue and Red, Quasimondo, The Seagull 3D

This band of theatrical misfits led by Brian Rott, have taken over a rugged space in Brewers Hill's Fortress Building and turned it into an irreverent dramatic play land. Rott, Artistic Director of Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre, recently did the unthinkable. He tangled with the rotting corpse of Anton Chekov to produce his version of... Continue Reading →

Your Needing, Help Wanted, Alchemist Theatre

At Bay View's Alchemist Theatre, their current production Help Wanted slickly looks at the cult of mid-20th century's corporate class and doesn't pull punches or hide the sexy back-room cogs that kept the profit machines running. Typical of Artistic Director Aaron Kopec's productions, the audience is treated to a show that transcends the stage, delivering... Continue Reading →

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