Piqued Canvas, Jenie Gao

Walking into Studio Lounge, large canvases covered in artistic expression offer salutations, bizarre and gripping. On the canvas lay familiar forms, a profile of a face, the appendage of an animal, a human body clothed. The forms meld together, a technique exquisitely conveyed by Jenie Gao. Featured on Gallery Night at Studio Lounge, Jenie GaoContinue reading “Piqued Canvas, Jenie Gao”

Dark Passage, The Alchemist Theatre, Faust

Milling goes on in the Alchemist’s cozy Bay View Lounge before the show, tension in the air? Maybe. Tonight Faust: A Night at the Mephisto Theatre opens. Aaron Koepec’s latest opus, an undertaking certainly. Using the infamous “e” word would belittle the production. Groundbreaking? No not quite the connotation to apply, although the show doesContinue reading “Dark Passage, The Alchemist Theatre, Faust”

South East Asian in Silver City, Thai BBQ

Circling back to National Avenue from 34th and Scott, I nestle my wheels against the curb under a shade tree. I like spicy food, my hands don’t like hot steering wheels. The city bustles on 35th and National like the pulse of a hyper-tensed vein. People activity registers high in Silver City, as gnarled willsContinue reading “South East Asian in Silver City, Thai BBQ”

Who’s Sock? Broadminded: Blood is Thicker than Liquor

You can try to sit there with a straight face, but as Broadminded guarantees stolid faces may rip or tear. Another way to look at it, if you’re not laughing, their jabs at reality may land closer to you than you may care to admit. Darn ladies of Broadminded with their knack for wit andContinue reading “Who’s Sock? Broadminded: Blood is Thicker than Liquor”

Uh, Sketchy… Pink Banana Theatre Co.

Pink Banana Theatre Co’s One Act Festival, Higher Education, drew its bow last night with a six act show aimed at funny bones, soft-spots, tear ducts (well maybe eye-balls), and family jewels. Although turning its cheek from more serious drama created by traditional theatre, some arises amidst the sketch comedy with which Higher Education batsContinue reading “Uh, Sketchy… Pink Banana Theatre Co.”