Hitting that side of the Barn, Broadminded, Jerks!

Just like sitting in forth grade homeroom again, a PA crackled the sound of a matronly voice informing us of what had come to her attention concerning recess play ground antics. Ut oh! No more “Smeer the Queer” or “Beat the Geek”, we have to play nice. Luckily for all of the troublemakers in theContinue reading “Hitting that side of the Barn, Broadminded, Jerks!”

Intricate Deluge, Alchemist Theatre, Closing Night

Even though they like jangle out of storage bins to dance in October, skeletons don’t smash carved stories for Halloween like the Alchemist Theatre. Per tradition, Artistic Director Aaron Kopec brings a bit of intrigue to the fall season with his choose-your-own-adventure mystery drama Closing Night. A cerebral crime story, Closing Night challenges its castContinue reading “Intricate Deluge, Alchemist Theatre, Closing Night”

Regal Breed, Alchemist Theatre, King Lear

King Lear (Bo Johnson) gnashes his last words in anguish clinging to his dearest treasure, lost within his own mind. Life’s seasons delivered him one too many harsh political maelstroms, one too few kindred summer swoons, his will worn away. The life of a King. We see him tangled, a heap strewn across the overgrowthContinue reading “Regal Breed, Alchemist Theatre, King Lear”

Blow a Fuse, The Quasimondo, Robot Cabaret

The irony of robots is that they are kind of low tech now. In Brian Rott’s latest amalgamation of ideas, props, plot and actors Robot Cabaret, we find out that quite possibly robots have feelings too. Extraordinarily imaginative, Rott,┬áin creative tandem with Michael Guthrie, centers an underlying point of tension around a Robot Detective thatContinue reading “Blow a Fuse, The Quasimondo, Robot Cabaret”

The Alchemist, Canonical Five of Jack the Ripper

A jagged cobble gangway leads to a rundown London public house. Inside, the local pub’s dingily stained wood bar, worn and barely kept, stays littered with empty glasses awaiting a pour from Margarette (Sharon Nieman-Koebert), a surly bartender in the Whitechapel section. The pub’s flock comes to the trough at times solitary, and at othersContinue reading “The Alchemist, Canonical Five of Jack the Ripper”