Breaking Beats Down, Miltown Beat Down Rd. 1

Miltown Beat Down 2011 kicks-off at the Jackalope tonight. The MTBD features a tournament format that will surely generate a buzz, and plenty rattling noises from car trunks lacking ability to absorb decibels of low-end bass emanating from the Third Ward.

Here’s a primer to the beat combatants and analysis of the match-ups tonight at 10:00pm:

TreCold vs Bubba
Menash, WI repres-… Ma- what?? TreCold will tee-off some traditional hardcore gangster bang-bang, which seems to thrive in small towns with Prison Industrial bases. I think Menasha is near Waupun or something, ah ha Fond Du Lac. I suppose it’s time for the that true gangster spirit to stop playing second scene to the hipster flood. Bubba will push back with beats leaning towards experimental pop sound. Electro-rap influenced Bubba brings fun and risk-taking behavior through the speakers.
Prediction: TreCold will lose handily from gangsta rap backlash, and claim all things Milwaukee bogus. The fakey Bubba pulls off with a track like Real will also have something to do with it.

White Russian vs OVA
Unifi Records’ White Russian is the first of several Unifi Records affiliates to perform. The Unifi camp is basically Milwaukee’s equivalent to Native Tongues, on the quality rap conglomerate level. Auto-props are turned on due to Unifi’s overall success of creating a brand-mystique and refined multi-media product. OVA offers a taste of liveness, but ultimately lacks edge. Enough credit is due to OVA for what sounds to be a sample from a Nirvana Unplugged cover.
Predicition: White Russian moves on carried by talent and three fourths of the crowd that is there to support Unifi.

Audio Pilot vs. Jungle Boy
Audio Pilot brings the good old Milwaukee rogue vibe to the table. These type of dudes keep it true to the unabashed poor and working class struggle. The sound has grit and no light and will inspire fearless thoughts. Jungle Boy definitely has a concept and matches it with the ill East vibe, as in just west of Riverwest, and delivers game. It will be hardcore rap but something out of nothing creative.
Prediction: Although tilted gangster, Jungle Boy will prevail in a narrow margin on account of rawness, commitment to unwritten principles, and getting the room hype. This one is close, Auto Pilot’s presentation of a track like Still Here could tip the scales.

DJ Heavywait vs Cash Beatz
Okay a play-on-words is presented by DJ Heavywait, something concerning waiting for my web browser to crash from lamery. I don’t want to say it but waiting is not Hip-Hop. DJ Heavywait is heavy on the electric instruments and sounding commercial. Actually, the production is not terrible given the genre, just the presentation. Cash Beatz will ensure ladies with and without booty will get twerking. Cash Beatz cashes in on video game sound effects and Casio beats, but hey this is the kind of drum hit to which I see a lot player-esque rocking backing forth with Crown on the rocks in hand taking place. These qualities are especially true of Something Crazy. Did I mention ladies going H.A.M. BOW! BOW!
Prediction: The Jackalope will briefly turn into a strip-club and nobody there will argue about that. Cash Beatz wins.

Who moves on: By the end of the night, the two producers I predict to move on to the finals are White Russian and Bubba.

Miltown Beat Down Round 2 is next Thursday May 12th.

Here are my overall power rankings of field:

1. Reason
2. Lex Luther (last year’s winner)
3. Mark Valdez
4. Mixed Up
5. White Russian
6. Bad Character
7. Champ
8. Luxi
9. BakTrax
10. Big Steve GooniTunes
11. GoodWill
12. ClassiCal
13. Audio Pilot
14. Bubba
15. 40 Mil
16. Jihad Baracas (2009 winner, confirmed)
17. Hitmayng
18. Cash Beatz
19. OVA
20. Mighty DR
21. Jooney Dubz
22. Andy Petr
23. Jungle Boy
24. TreCold
25. Sam Winters

Ranked on Principle (No Material!).
26. Saul Garza Beatz
27. Hurrikayne
28. James Jaxin
29. MC Cullah
30. Sinister Reality
31. DJ Heavywait
32. TradeMark (No online presence in 2011…?)

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  1. Don’t call someone “Fakey” until you sit down and watch them work, practice, and hone their craft. Good article, poor choice of words and individual investigation.

      1. Just realized you were going off of music that is crazy old on my RN page. lol. I guess I could see where u were going in your mind.

        1. That one beat had my head nodding though. My praise can be faint when I really actually like the effort more than it sounds, I also made some judgements on who I thought would win not who I thought was the better. Your music got heart and thats appreciated.

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