Tomorrow Today, MC Mikal with H.E.R., Men of Tomorrow

MC Mikal lumbered in the BBC upper room, tall, gangly, vibrating above it all. The scene, relatively modest by hip-hop standards, dropped like an ember that starts a wild brush fire. A performative charge present, highly concentrated energy burned the anticipatory material around it, not caring to be seen. In a benefit for Men ofContinue reading “Tomorrow Today, MC Mikal with H.E.R., Men of Tomorrow”

Up and After, Milwaukee UP, JC Poppe

Do experiences ever end as they started? If they end, then I suppose not. JC Poppe became known in Milwaukee’s hip-hop music and media scene, and beyond, as a pretty solid fixture after about two years on the keyboard creating content for his own website Milwaukee UP. Early on, OnMilwaukee added Milwaukee UP as aContinue reading “Up and After, Milwaukee UP, JC Poppe”

No Flats, Busdriver, Cactus Club

I’m stepping on a thousand cigarette butts on the way in, it’s not dark and smokey in the Cactus Club anymore, but still a little dank on the music side. Someone on staff managed to keep a VHS tape of an old Arsenio Hall episode featuring N.W.A from being magnetized after all these years andContinue reading “No Flats, Busdriver, Cactus Club”

Super, Ultra, Listening, Marty McDoom

Making a few waves only takes one big ripple. Marty McDoom gradually builds his repertoire of music, adding tracks to his under-the- surface hip-hop playlists regularly. Marty McDoom recently dropped a EP demo online called Super, Ultra. Hey… McDoom might be on to something, Local Trolley got a chance to exchange a few words aboutContinue reading “Super, Ultra, Listening, Marty McDoom”

Retrospective: Summerfest Shows, Public Enemy

Summerfest 2011 ignites an already raucous solstice season, in its 43rd year of jamming, the local tradition of traditions since 1968. Wasn’t there some other fest in upstate New York around that time? Oh yeah, August 1969… Last year was no slouch, and will be hard to top. Black Sabbath and Public Enemy played simultaneouslyContinue reading “Retrospective: Summerfest Shows, Public Enemy”