Kitchen hot, Miltown Beat Down Rd. 1 cont. cont.

Milwtown Beat Down, screaming that Michael Buffer chorus again tonight, brings group 3 of hip-hop beat-makers to the battle pit. In case you missed it, JCPoppe of OnMilwaukee (prelim 1 and prelim 2) and the Milwtown Beat Down Blog (prelim 1 and prelim 2) recapped weeks one and two. Local Trolley admittedly took liberty to have a little fun color commentating MTBD previews of preliminary 1 and 2, this week Local Trolley gets straight to the point. Prediction: Tonight will be hype (period)

Reason vs Mc Cullah
Reason , fresh off of the wreck-ship collaboration No Flight Zone with Dana Coppafeel, continues UniFi’s hit streak to 37, just shy of Paul Molitor’s classic base-nock-a-thon, like it was ’87. Mc Cullah has done some quality projects, is young and confident, and his music is very eclectic: a twist of several influences and styles.
Prediction: While MC Cullah is talented, uncut hip-hop will reign as Reason comes away victorious.

Mixed-Up vs Luxi
Mixed-Up’s sound is acidic, grimy and frankly innovative. Luxi tracks bring big giant danceable electro-pop appeal into contact with quality production and she’s dope, and Milwaukee needs more dope female hip-hop artists.
Prediction: Anybody who can make Lionel Richie’s Hello hip-hop deserves to win. Game, Set, Match, Mixed-Up.

GoodWill vs Mighty DR
The dude GoodWill is well seasoned. Mighty DR bring your A,B,C and sometimes Y-game and some mutant super-powers, you might need mutant ninja turtles and Krang too.
Prediction: GoodWill comes out on top.

Hurrikayne vs JooneyDubz
Hurrikayne didn’t release any material per-battle. JooneyDubz has some bump coming out the shop.
Prediction: Too close to call with out anything from Hurrikayne, but JooneyDubz definitely has beats that will get points.

In the later rounds Reason will knock-off Mixed-Up and GoodWill will nuke whoever he faces. Reason and GoodWill advance to the finals.

The last preliminary round of the Miltown Beat Down takes place June 2 at the Jackalope.

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