Pt. 2, Art Opulence, Mike Magestro

Petals Reach

Extraordinarily sized blooming flowers spanned several sprawling canvases. Digital design impressario and musician Mike Magestro lent artistic prowess to Brumder Mansion’s art night, sharing tragically emotional brush strokes that together formed viewing perspectives normally only created when holding a flower close, as if to gain the aroma.

Paintings of large flowers made famous by Georgia O’Keefe tended toward perfection. Magestro tends toward creating expressions, as the cycles and effort needed to open all the plant’s petals found their way into his finished works. Bringing cohesion to the pieces, layered backgrounds with vertical lines and blended hues leave the flowering forms unguided, yet subtly influenced.

Bringing business personas to life for a who’s who of local establishments (double-click on the Polaroid image, brilliant), Magestro founded MindSpike Design as full range graphic design and marketing information space. In the visual arts as well, Magestro demonstrates that his talent can find its way without getting lost.

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