Pt. 3, Art Opulence, Amanda Iglinski

A Commentary Brightly

In the main foyer of the Brumder Mansion, Amanda Iglinski popped art creations, that would strike any alternative medium user’s fascination. Fluorescent tones combined, outlined by a glaze of black spray paint, the stenciled images gesture, wink, and pose for the canvas.

Iglinski dabbles in the absurd, depicting a mob boss brandishing a revolver pistol next to a large dusky purple daisy. Strangely, mob boss was my first impression of the subject of the piece. Iglinski’s piece, titled Budd Dwyer, actually references a still photograph taken just before the then Treasurer of Pennsylvania, shall we say, retired dramatically in January 1987 amid allegations of corruption. Digging deeper into Dwyer’s story, his looks deceive, and the episode in American history leaves plenty of room for interpreting its implications for our society (images associated with is story are very graphic).

Capturing other iconic semi-sociological themes with A Gentleman… and Lady of Guadalupe as a Robot, Iglinski presents work that more lightly scratches the grime off of the dirt caked window of our collective understanding, allowing viewers access to ironic commentary. Other pieces in Iglinski’s display of spray paint technique kept up with the visually interesting qualities of the other works, less attention to intentional statements.

A multi-deciplined portfolio of art complements Amanda Iglinski’s other endeavors, which include heavy civic involvement in the Milwaukee arts community and freelance commercial graphic design.


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