Pt. 4, Art Opulence, Brittany Farina

Character Driven

Vibrant and playful portraits done by Brittany Farina, incarnate famous personages of past entertainment eras. Gray scale metallic tones, with bright accents on focal points like eyes or lips, give visual range to portrait subjects like young Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. In the Brumder Mansion’s lower level gallery, Farina’s work complimented well the historic mansion’s Victorian and roaring twenties influenced decor.

Testing the waters of morbid, other notable Farina compositions mutate human and animal forms, uniting them with under-worldly physiques possessing freakish coolness of silent film and vaudeville demeanor. Farina’s style befits stylized artistic visions conjured by illustrated motion pictures. Fixing your eyes upon her work, one might expect her drawings to suddenly animate.

A consumate art enthusiast, Brittany Farina regularly supports other local artists by featuring them on her Facebook artist’s page.


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