Kristopher Pollard, Art vs Craft 2011

Hip-hop, oh hip-hop, how is it to be the talk of the town and yet so passe, like garage rock turned to disco, some still did it true. This phase too, shall pass. Not trying to go Shakespeare, on the other hand I will say Kristopher Pollard makes fun of the hip-hop while ironically maintaining the point of the aesthetic. Who does that!!

Click Pict for K Polly’s webspace…










Great illustrations of urbanesque people post-millennial (spell millennial!). Do what you will, just give K Polly some credit for keeping it sketchy-anthropological. Plenty of portraits inspired by ubiquitous personas and yeah Mr. T is lounging or something. You tell me why you like these prints!!!


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Art vs Craft 2011, MSOE Wehr Center
Kristopher Pollard Illustrations and Portraits
Megan Lee Designs
Delia Sophia’s Handmade Cutting Boards
Speakeasy Pens and Gifts
Bureau of Print Research and Design
Just Seeds

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