Leap Week! 1984, Alchemist Theater

The Alchemist Theater swings full tilt into its 2012 season with its upcoming opening of 1984 this Thursday. This adaptation of the ubiquitous George Orwell classic, comes at the hands of Michael Gene Sullivan and directed by David Kaye.

The cast includes several veteran upstarts including Jeremy Eineichner who currently moonlights a regular stand-up comedy act at EastTown’s Karma Bar with Caste Killers Comedy Comedy Collective and Clayton Hamburg, a cast member of Carte Blache’s great run of Refer Madness last fall.

The gist of the story Sullivan tells and Kaye brings to life, fast fowards to Winston Smith’s arrest at the hands of The Party, where from his confinement, the audience will vicariously experience Winston’s struggle through politically motivated torture and programming as told from the perspective of his diary. Christopher Elst, Michael Keiley, Marcee Doherty, and Erin Hartman round out 1984‘s cast.

1984 will seek, capture and alter audience expectations opening on Thursday March 1 and closing Saturday March 17 (show runs Thursday thru Saturday). Tickets are $12 online and $15 at the door.

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