Paper or Plastic, Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre

An intensely focused brand of chaos sort of missed the New Kids on the Block when they debuted 21 years ago, luckily creative forms aren’t left solely in the clutches Artist and Repertoire directors anymore. Brian Rott is distinguishing himself quickly as a visionary expanding the limits of traditional stage-bound theatrical performance. Founder and Artistic Director of Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre, Brian Rott’s upcoming run of Paper or Plastic strings together a thread of scenes that rely nearly entirely on movement and stage direction, rather than dialog, to create a duskily humored, absurdist and variety filled fun-time. Paper or Plastic opens June 15 at the Quasimondo Theatre Space at 100A E. Pleasant Street, and has additional shows June 16, 21, 22 and 23 all at 8pm. Take a gander at the theatrical trailer…

Paper or Plastic from Andy Walsh on Vimeo.

Quasimondo Presents: Paper or Plastic

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