Far South Coast, Chef Paz Restaurant

Just past 84th and National Avenue, we weave through some barricades placed in the middle of the road to ward off through traffic. We get one maneuver closer to having some Peruvian food from an obscure three month-old niche eatery called Chef Paz. A bunch of construction shouldn’t stop from you from going anywhere now should it? Especially, not West Allis.

I could talk about how enamored I feel driving through West Allis, a.k.a Stallis, and marveling at the shear volume of corner and mid-block pubs and windowless bar and grills enjoying above average patronage on a weekday night. Throw in my pleasant dining experience at Chez Paz, and my work week becomes a little more bearable.


Eating Rainbow

A decorative iron gate encloses the patio seating just outside the entry-way. Entering Chez Paz, a minimally repurposed diner layout holds some continuity from the restaurant’s previous occupants legacy, spheroid lunch counter and all. A layer of mint green paint covering the stucco walls makes an impression on your eyes.

Chef Paz’s cuisine fuses hearty comfort food we know and love Stateside, with preparation uniquely South American. The menu emphasizes interpretations of rice and bean based dishes found throughout the world and the venerable combination of steak and seafood. Traditional American, Asian and Italian recipes get an Andean make-over for those looking for something more familiar.

Way Down Home Cooking

A meal for every appetite, the opening courses glanced Tex-mex favorites like empanadas and “tamals” done with a Peruvian spin, served with a memorable creamy salsa verde. For the main course, I chose a hefty portion of paella loaded with shrimp, calamari and mussels, complete with a shell-on whole-head shrimp garnish. The closing courses will help you indulge further as you manically scoop sinfully rich mousses or custard-y deliciousness from small glass cups.

Chez Paz fires up the kitchen Sunday through Monday just before the lunch hour and closes at 8p weekday and 9 on the weekends. Prices correlate directly with the amount of food ordered, with superb flavor held constant and weekday dinner specials for $6.99.

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  1. I’ve eaten at Chef Paz several times, and have enjoyed eating at several other Latin American eateries around the Milwaukee Metro area. It should be noted that Tamals and Empanadas are not exclusive to Mexico; empanadas in particular are actually more prevalent in Colombia, Peru, Venezuela etc than they are in Mexican food.

  2. I love Chef Paz Restaurant. The food is incredible, the Chef has an incredible touch to mix flavors and traditions from my bird country. I mus share with out questions that the food cooked has nothing to envy to other large Peruvian restaurants. The magic here is the consistency on the food, the presentation of each plate and the service. Love to go there eating the food there bring memories from grandmas cooking. Furthermore, if you want a dish you read somewhere or tried at another peruvian restaurant just ask and Chef Paz will make you lick your finger with pleasure and love for the food you just enjoyed. Well I’m bias jajajaj because I’m Peruvian and it is so great to have a place with real Peruvian cooking

  3. Estimada
    Maritza Paz
    El esfuerzo y la pasion se vee felicitaciones, nuestra comida Peruana es muy querida en USA, lo comprobe en los eventos que estuvimos en el JUNGLE ISLAND PARK no desmayemos en nuestros objetivos y hagamos que nuestros paisanos se fortalezcan y
    las puertas siempre estan abiertas para aquellos que estan preparados .

  4. I had lunch at Chef Paz. The owner came to our table and suggested a dish that was for two. The choice was awesome! So much food, my friend and I couldn’t finish it all. Food was awesome, the service was great! I definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone! You will not be disappointed! I will for sure be returning for more!

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