Musical Chalk Outlines, e.d.g.e., Madden Miles


Have you given up on beats? Unplug those earbuds and get a download of this collab of Ed Pengame and Madden Miles that’s only suitable for quality headphones, car systems with sub port bass systems or home stereos. Ed Pengame aka e.d.g.e gets clean on this one, indie and nothing to lose except respect in the underground hip-hop game, so you know what that means, Rip a Shot!

e.d.g.e. “For Your Thoughts” produced by Madden Miles via bigmcenroe on YouTube

Madden Miles released a limited edition EP this summer, The Candace Bailey Beat Tape, and keeps beating on the doors with a quality contender showing at the 2012 Miltown Beatdown. The kid keeps it very nice for purists and instrumental lovers with occasional beat sample drops check out some of the latest.

“Powdered Nostrils” Madden Miles

“Broken Mirrors” Madden Miles

“Rising Above” Madden Miles

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The Candace Bailey Beat Tape, Madden Miles

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