The Candace Bailey Beat Tape, Madden Miles

Kind of like a comet, Mark Valdez Jr. aka Madden Miles swooshed in ready to win the 2011 Miltown Beatdown. Briefly, Milwaukee experienced that stream of genius that accompanies musical minds every so often, but the listening public didn’t have their telescopes directed and calibrated properly to fully appreciate Valdez’s contribution to Hip-Hop’s now generation. Unphased Madden Miles has plugged right along, opening ears with new refinements on beat fury for 2012.

Madden Miles latest beat tape plays prodigiously evoking all that was, is and should be heard in Hip-Hop musically. The Candace Bailey Beat Tape is available for casual listening or promo download.

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Previously seen on Local Trolley, It’s Halftime, Miltown Beat Down Final Prelim

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