Here to Fore, The Naima, Circle-A at 8, SD Release


You can’t go much further underground without calling diggers hotline, than the two ravens together know as the The Naima. A metal band playing to jazz principles can hardly be stopped, or seen. They’ll drop a super limited edition SD release this Sunday at Circle-A.

Supposedly there’s some crazy videos and other lo-tech stuff to distract you from their super ripping tunes, like this mysterious transmission that ended up on The Portuguese SoundCloud.

SD Release Alternate

Hod-A326MT_FINAL by thePortuguese549655404 via The Portuguese SoundCloud

The Naima will be setting clocks forward at Circle-A’s Live at 8 with The Nobody Brothers this Sunday January 26, 2014 at 8p. The Naima is not to be confused with Naima Adedapo or The Naima Train, so you don’t have to push your jacket sleeves up in the bitter cold or bring a mini-backpack. Actually, you probably shouldn’t search The Naima much on the internet because basically the internet avoids the The Naima.

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