Lit Corners, Sugar Maple, The Viper & His Famous Orchestra


Tucked neatly in the back of Sugar Maple, the Okka Disk performance space is best known for its annual jazz fest set to turn 6 years old this year. In the meanwhile it also makes a temporary home for jazz musicians and their extended family when the occasion calls. None more suitable that a rare new moon appearance of The Viper & His Famous Orchestra in Milwaukee.

When talent meets ingenuity in music, good things happen, like the The Viper & His Famous Orchestra. They’re a seasoned bunch of classically trained musicians and/or general life enthusiasts, who have mastered the mixology of traditional and homemade instruments, pouring out well measured roots country and swing jazz.

Bring the Mustard

Featuring a ukelele (Ryan Jerving), upright bass and viola (Riley Broach), trombone (Rob Hen), piano (Jon Peacock), percussion (Edward Burch), The Viper really gets interesting when these core ensemble pieces confront their DIY musical doppelgangers.

Meeting their match, Broach gets in the mud on washtub bass, Burch on suitcase drum confirms he and his doppelganger are one in the same , and Peacock ignores all street signage on stylophone, toy piano, and the atrocity that is the air-tubed melodica.

The Howl of Goodtimes

Once the The Viper gets going, the goodtimes roll. They take themselves 45 RPM less serious than their music, pulling out a few comedic bits for their sets to go with the sarcasm and pop culture wit from the ages.

The Viper will take over 91.7 WMSE’s Local Live tomorrow at 6p. If you really must see them live you get another chance March 7th at Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co.’s new cafe on Bruce Street.

A Song for All Seasons by The Viper & His Famous Orchestra via The Viper on YouTube

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