Pollination, Linneman’s, Caley Conway & The Lucy Cukes


She plays guitar and sings, her band backs her nobly. They have their influences but more importantly they have their voices and their instruments. Caley Conway fronts a musical outfit mellow enough for cautious listeners and understatedly rocking enough for the reasonably bibulous. Caley Conway and the Lucy Cukes will release the Discipline Soup EP at Linneman’s Friday night, another chance to take them with you as go about you way.

The Lucy Cukes side of the river bring bass, slide guitar, and light percussion, while Conway drifts melodically on the guitar or uke. They warmed up for Jaems Murphy’s Vedic Eden late February release of Mono No Aware and rustled up a half bushel of ear pleasing tunes.

Light Craving

Conway’s voice has a soothing and purposeful vocal quality that WMSE’s Rockleidoscope Show host Erin picked out as shadowing Joni Mitchell. There is more there than adulation of Joni Mitchell and CCLC’s (ha ha their band is an acronym now) musical arrangements and themes have a lot do with that. Bassist Alex Heaton has a ton of stank that he keeps under pretty tight wraps with the Lucy Cukes, his bass lines providing a steadying force to the tracks. 

Tim Stone and Robert Weiss add essential accents to CCLC songs. They uniquely help the slide guitar and jazz style drum percussion transcend their traditional musical confines, finding a cozy corner in CCLC’s more contemporary folk/soft-pop bent. Conway vocal qualities and lyrical meter tie it all together, through her knack for digging profoundness out of otherwise mundane and hyper-personal experiences.

Caley Conway and the Lucy Cukes follow-up their September 2013 Story Hill EP with the Discipline Soup EP release at Linneman’s Friday at 8p with guests Cat Ries, Lady Cannon, and Dupond Dupont.

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