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Multi-Directional, Up and Under Pub, Shinobi Ninja

A few tried and true MKE hip-hop vets representing Unifi Records, and some new MKE kids GREAT and Bizz McFly from Safs Crew, warmed it up for Brooklyn-based Shinobi Ninja at the Up and Under last week. Definitely a Thursday night treat, Shinobi Ninja gives you a little rap, thrash metal and ska, feeding anyone with a hefty taste for urban couture quite well, in other words three guitars, a drum set, a DJ, a hype-girl and a emcee/vocalist is pretty kicking.

Shinobi Ninja kicking hard via Local Trolley on Vimeo


One response

  1. Great head banging music.

    May 30, 2014 at 7:26 am

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