Shuriken, Doom and Bang, Shinobi Ninja

You always see obscure band stickers plastered in bathroom stalls at the bar, on the fridges, or both; On empty shells of payphones, bus shelters and all kinds of other non-objectionable places, tattoos of the modern urban landscape. Then that one always jumps into your vision, hard to unsee, especially when the colorway gleams hot pink. S-H-I-N-0-B-I in geometric block letters, circles, squares and triangles the dominant motifs… NINJA. You know what genre it doesn’t come from, but from where does it? Blau!

Rounding that corner to full on band maturity, Shinobi Ninja rose out of Brooklyn’s primordial soup in 2008, dropped their debut in 2011 (the title track of it Rock Hood swiftly picked and featured on the video game NBA 2K12) and dabbled in storytelling with their 2014 release Escape from NY.

They’ve found their way back into their true niche of Afropunk with their most recent release Artistic Visions, which to the uninitiated equals rock x rap x fitting genre (y). They leaked an exclusive from titled Bang Bang, a self-aware, clinical and polished cut from an outfit that cared enough to make a extra stop in MKE long enough to inspire a few game revelers to slap a stickers up, the mark of a good memory.

Bang Bang via Shinobi Ninja on YouTube


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